Frequently Asked Questions.

What is CancerFlight?

CancerFlight is a mobile application that provides peer to peer cancer support. It is oriented towards anyone who is or has been affected by cancer. This includes, but is not limited to someone who is diagnosed, survivors, friends and family members such as a parents or siblings, caregivers and everyone in between.

How do I use CancerFlight?

CancerFlight can be downloaded from both the Apple and Google Play stores. The app allows you to create a profile about yourself and search for others based on the specific characteristics defined in your search. You then have the ability to message those users directly.

Is CancerFlight free?

Of course! We are exploring options for members who desire additional functionality within the app, which will include a paid subscription, but CancerFlight is and always will be free for the general public.

Can I become a beta user?

Absolutely! We are constantly improving the app and strongly encourage anyone to contact us directly if you'd like to be apart of our beta releases. As a beta user you will get a first look at updates that the general public will not have access to; and yes, it's free!

Why is CancerFlight different?

CancerFlight was created and is maintained entirely by a small team of in house developers. What this really means is CancerFlight has the potential to grow and improve rapidly per user feedback via our app reviews. There are no board members to impress or big investors to pitch ideas to. If our users want something, we will make it our mission to deliver on those wishes. At heart, we are design and development guru's. The folks that maintain CancerFlight are also the only ones calling the shots, in addition to you, the user. We believe the best approach to creating and maintaining an app is to have the very folks that built the app directly responsible for it's success! Simply put, our folks are industry leaders in technology and product management; we know software inside and out.

Is there an age requirement to use CancerFlight?

Yes, CancerFlight is intended for everyone ages 13 and above.

How do I create an account?

After you download CancerFlight from the app store; you can register with a personal email address or with your Facebook, Twitter or Gmail account.

How do I find other people on the app?

Finding other people on CancerFlight is extremely simple. You can search for others based on their age, gender, location and account type. After performing a search, you are displayed with all the applicable users in the CancerFlight community. You can refine your search attributes as much as you want; this allows you to quickly and easily find others with shared interests without having to filter through a long endless list that doesn't meet to your needs.

What kind of account types are there?
Caregiver / Pilot

You provide care or support for someone who has or had cancer

Professional / Navigator

You are a business professional apart of the cancer community

Patient / Passenger

You are currently diagnosed with cancer

Survivor / Attendant

You are a cancer survivor

Parent / First Officer

You are a parent of someone who has or had cancer

Family / Second Officer

You are related to someone who has or had cancer

Friend / Third Officer

You are a friend of someone who has or had cancer

Other / Stowaway

You are unaffiliated with any other user type or choose not to disclose a specific user type

Have another question?

Please Contact Us for any and all questions, concerns or recommendations. If you have an idea or simply want some additional information about CancerFlight, we're here to help.

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